Artwork Requirements

As you can imagine, if we had to alter or modify everyone’s artwork then we wouldn’t have much time left to Print the good stuff. If we need to modify or alter any artwork you supply us with to get it ready for print, there will be a small artwork fee added. On manual or custom quoted orders, if there are any issues with the supplied artwork we will give you up to 24 hours to replace the supplied file. If we have not received a reply within 24 hours we will go ahead and print the supplied file(s).  Please note, your in-hands date will advance due to delayed or low resolution art files.

We hold uploaded customer artwork on file for 6 months. If you order after 6 months, unfortunately, you will need to upload the file again. If we have to create Artwork, fees range from £10.00 – £60.00+ depending on how much work is needed. 

Printing on to material is completely different from rigid media, what works well on a business card or flyer may not look great or work well on fabric.

We accept via email the following file formats:
PNG, JPG, AI, PDF, and PSD files
If you are using vector art, please outline your fonts and embed any linked images before sending. If you do not have a vectorised version of your artwork, use the largest size and highest resolution image that you have available (300 dpi).

COLOURS: Digital printing is great but it is not possible to get the same level of colour brightness on fabric as it is on a backlit computer/mobile/tablet screen. Colours can also shift and look different on different garment materials. If the exact colour is important please get in touch before placing a large order.

TRANSPARENCIES, GLOW EFFECTS: Transparent, semi-transparent and glow effects do not print well on material and should be made as solid colours to avoid any issues. We can alter and adjust artwork for an additional fee to create a glow or gradient effect. We have to add halftones to your artwork to give the effect of the glow. If you are unsure, please contact us to discuss your artwork at

If you can not get your logo to export correctly in the above formats, feel free to give us a call and will try our best to help. Email print ready files to