What is DTF Direct to Film Printing?

Direct to Film (DTF) is a digital print process of printing directly on to a transparent film carrier (PET). The print is then covered in a fine White or Black TPU powder and cured under strict time and temperature settings. It is then applied to the final product using an industrial heat press.

Our Top 10 Benefits to DTF Transfers!

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Are DTF Transfer Prints Durable?

From our extensive testing the short answer is YES!

We have been printing DTF Transfers since September 2020 and we love it. We have personally printed, tested, washed many T-Shirt prints over and over 50+ times to bring our customers tried and tested material at affordable prices. In our testing, DTF Prints are more durable than White Toner Prints or traditional HTV printing, Screen printing.

The biggest benefit we have seen printing DTF transfers is there is little to no waste, which we love. You can order exactly what you need, store full colour designs or neck labels in zip lock bags for later use. We have super low minimums to get you started and If you buy more of the same design you will save more.

We have seen our Etsy, Shopify customers order and store their Transfers in small quantities, hold the blank T-Shirts in stock and once an order comes in, they apply their transfer designs to the blank garment and ship direct. This method drastically speeds up turnaround times. Remove the risk of holding dead inventory. We believe this method of production and printing is the future.

What are the Pros of DTF Direct to Film Printing

  • Colours do not fade
  • Great for fine details
  • Ideal for fabrics needed to stretch 
  • Quick and easy to print small to medium print runs
  • No setup costs
  • Can be used on many types of material
  • Can print up to A3+ sized areas
  • Can print in awkward locations
  • Perfect for full colour designs
  • Fast to produce

Our DTF Transfers are perfect for customers selling on Etsy, Shopify, Woocommerce. It enables you to heat apply your own custom full colour designs. We use the best available inks when it comes to DTF printing. The biggest advantage of DTF printing is that there are no setup costs assuming your artwork is ready to print. It is extremely hard wearing, flexible and is great for small to medium print runs at very reasonable prices.

german shepherd dtf print t-shirt

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