Ordering Your Custom Printed DTF Transfer Sheets is simple!

Press more, Stress Less! All Transfers Produced in UK. Collect or Ship Ready to Press DTF Transfers in 1, 2 or 5 business days!




dtf transfers printed uk

How to order our Ready to Press DTF Transfers

1. Pick DTF Sheet
Upload PNG File or Select High Res to Follow option. Pick Quantity, Fabric Type and Glue Type
(Full Functionality on Chrome Desktop)
2. Place Order
Pick your turnaround time. If sending Ai. files please send within 1 hour, inc order Reference number
(Discount is applied at Checkout stage)
3. Production
Your order if on EXPRESS or RUSH will be prepared to enter production within a few hours of order placed
(Production assumes print ready files)
4. Ship or Collect
You will receive an email once your order is complete along with tracking information

Here's the range of DTF Transfer Sheets we offer

No hidden extra fees, ready to heat press or iron on DTF Transfers produced and shipped from Sutton, London

We know the DTF Transfer story

You want to find a DTF Print business, upload your designs, hit the order button and relax. However what you find is an email address to send artwork to, your then met with ordering '30cm x 42cm - Transfer Sheet' or '12 inch x 17 inch - Transfer Sheet' without actually knowing what your buying.

We understand it can be confusing. Companies use unfamiliar design terms you have never heard of or expect you to be a graphic design wizard.

Our easy online ordering service removes a lot of wasted time. You can use our online designer to create your own gang sheets or email a Ai. file artboard. We also provide Whatsapp customer support for those tricky "answer quick" questions.

WPTS Print DTF Transfer 1 metre

This is a 1 metre gang sheet of multiple designs

DTF Design Clarity and Detail

You may be concerned about whether DTF transfers can accurately reproduce intricate designs with sharp detailing and vibrant colors.

Not all DTF Transfers are printed the same. We print our DTF Transfers at the highest resolution so replicating small fine details is possible. It's artwork and fabric material dependant as tiny small text or lines may not adhere to your fabric.

wpts print dtf small fine detail size

Fine DTF print details reproduced

Are DTF Prints Durable?

You may ask the question how durable are DTF Transfers and will they maintain their quality even after multiple washes.

The short answer is very durable and long lasting. We introduced direct to film printing back in early 2020 and were one of the first UK businesses to adopt this print technology.

We print for many brands using our DTF technology and have personally tested, and washed fabrics up to 50 times without any colour fade.

WPTS print xl esports dtf hoodie print

Gradient DTF Print for XL Black Hoodies

How to set up DTF Transfer artwork

At WPTS Print we use the saying "garbage in, garbage out" which means if your artwork is not setup up correctly then your artwork will not be clean and crisp. Please take time to correctly set up your artwork.

Expand all fonts

Outline and expand fonts and strokes to lines

Check Line Weight

Please make sure your lines are greater than 1mm and fonts greater than 2mm (5pt) high

Upload PNG/Email Ai.

Export PNG @ 300dpi with transparent background or after placing the order email the artboard you created in illustrator

Artwork Specifications

- Embed linked images
- Check font and line weights
- Minimum 300dpi - 600dpi resolution
- Convert/expand text fonts and strokes to lines
- Set up in CMYK colour profile (RGB files automatically converted)
- Halftone any Transparent or Glow effects within artwork (we will process these areas automatically if not)
- If uploading PNG files, create PNG artwork at the size you want to print (ie. don't enlarge A6 design to A3 size)

Our Top 10 Benefits to DTF Transfers!

Design and order your DTF Transfers online

DTF Transfer Benefits

WPTS Print has been using DTF Technology since early 2020 and we love it. We have personally printed, tested, washed many T-Shirts 50+ times to bring our customers the best material at affordable prices. In our testing, DTF Prints are more durable than White Toner Prints, HTV vinyl and DTG printing.

The biggest benefit we have seen printing DTF transfers is there is little to no waste, which we love. You can order and store exactly what you need which in turn reduces waste. If you then buy more of the same design you will save more with line discounts applied at the checkout stage.

We have seen our Etsy, Shopify customers order and store their Transfers in small quantities, hold the blank T-Shirts in stock and once an order comes in, they commit the transfers to the blank garment and ship direct. Remove the risk of holding dead inventory. We believe this method of printing is the future of digital printing.

Need a Fulfilment Print Partner?

Sync your Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce store with us and will handle the rest. With our fulfilment services, you can focus on designs, online marketing while we print, finish, store and ship your products direct. Here's a few more handy benefits.

Get Online Proofs

Save time and many emails going back and fourth in the design stage. Get a free quote within 24 hours of contact. Every order then receives online proofs to help eliminate errors and costly delays.

Printed Neck Labels

It's only a brand when the neck label is custom printed! We remove the itchy manufacture label, custom print your neck label, shirt size and wash care instructions.
From £0.99p

Fold, Bag and Label

A great option for teams or large orders that need to keep their products organised and clean. Each product is individually folded, bagged in a recyclable plastic bag and size label added for quick, easy reference. From £0.45p