What is Heat Transfer Printing?

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) is a process where a PU free Vinyl Heat substrate is fed through a machine and is cad cut. The designs generally would have been created in a design program such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. The design is then cut in reverse, weeded to reveal the design. It is then applied to the product using an industrial heat press under a strict time/pressure setting.

Not all T-Shirts are made and printed the same. Our HTV Prints last a very long time. IT’s perfect for startups, workwear and 1 to 3 colour designs. We use the best available material when it comes to HTV. The biggest advantage of Vinyl Printing is that there are no setup costs assuming your artwork is ready to print. It is extremely hard wearing and you are generally straight into a workflow, great for small to medium print runs at a very reasonable prices.

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The different types of HTV allow for different specialist effects that Screen Printing and other Print methods can’t match on low volume orders.
The most popular effects include Glitter HTV, Reflective HTV, Glow in the Dark HTV and even Camo Print HTV. The process of printing these special effect materials is the same, although a different blade, settings are needed.

What are the Pros of Heat Transfer Vinyl

  • Colours do not fade
  • Quick and easy to print small to medium print runs
  • No setup costs
  • Can be used on virtually all types of material
  • Can print up to A3 sized areas
  • Can print in awkward locations
  • Perfect for letters and numbers on football, rugby, netball, hockey kits
  • Fast to produce (under 24 hours if the material in stock)
  • Perfect for plain colour designs

Please note, Heat Transfer Vinyl Printing is a great option for small to medium print runs. Colours can not be Pantone colour matched. We can closely match Pantone colours using our Pantone book. If a specific colour needs to be matched on a big order, we would first print a test swatch. We offer swatch samples, colour swatches and blank samples so that our customers can see and touch their selected products before going ahead and committing to a large order.

What is Flock Transfer Vinyl

The Flock printing process is similar to Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) printing where the design is cad cut using a plotter machine and applied to the material using an industrial heat-press for a set desired time/pressure.

Flock printing can be achieved by using Flock Vinyl which gives the 3D ‘fluffy’ finish to it. If you are looking for an embroidered look and feel but only want small-batch printed, then flock may be the answer. The beauty of Flock printing is that it can be used in the total design or separate areas within your design to give the individual parts a 3D effect, which helps them stand out above the rest. We are seeing more and more people go for Flock over Embroidery.

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) has really come along way in the last 5-10 years, other types of HTV vinyl listed below are.

  • Glitter Print
  • Glow in the Dark Print
  • Reflective Print 
  • Camo Print


Due to the texture of Flock Vinyl Printing, the material it’s printed on should be washed inside out and never placed inside the tumble dryer. It’s important to avoid ironing over the print as this can ruin the print and, ultimately ruin the garment. Please refer to our Care Sheet.

For more information on the different print methods we offer, please read our “which print method is best” blog post.