Print Areas Explained

We can print pretty much anywhere on a garment and most hard surfaces. We offer 3 different print methods and apply the best cost-effective way to print your artwork. Below is an image of the most popular locations. These locations apply for both T-Shirts, Hoodies, Jackets and vests.

We always try to scale a logo design to suit the size of the garment. For example, we can print up to 60cm wide but this size print would not fit very well on the front of a lady fit top, as it would start to wrap around the chest and armpit. Likewise, the lady fit print would look very small on a men’s 2XL. So please use the below print areas as a guide. If you are ordering multiple different sizes, we generally scale the design up or down to suit each size bracket.

Multiple Locations to Print

We are able in most cases to print in many different areas on a garment. Printing digitally enables us to customise each garment if required. Each location will be considered a new touchpoint. If you wanted to print on the front and add text or an image to the back, this will be classed as two locations and the price per item will increase. We can also print neck tags which is great if you want to rebrand a T-Shirt for a personal touch.

wpts print area guide