Want to Supply your own blanks?
Print Your Own (PYO)

Can’t find what you’re after? You can supply us with the blank garments and get the perfect size and fit you need. We can print your garments (PYO), however, there are some restrictions. For Dye Sublimation printing, we require White 100% Polyester garments or a blend of polyester/cotton is acceptable, for Heat Transfer Vinyl or Digital Printing we can print onto most types of material, we just need to know the material type and colour.

We’re all about reusing and up cycling material that has already been produced, so you’re welcome to supply us with a brand new T-Shirt or your favourite worn T-Shirt, but for hygiene reasons, we request that whatever you bring is washed clean and dry without the use of any fabric softener or bleaching agents as this can effect the print.

It makes very little difference to the cost of your order if you supply the material. The value is added in the print and customisation of the garment. You may find that because we have accounts with most of the brands and suppliers in the UK we may be able to pass on our discount to you. If you would like us to supply you with the garments you have found online, get in touch with us first before placing the order as we may already have them in stock here.

Your supplied pre-worn garments will go through a hot curing process which brings out any hidden odours, so we would appreciate the extra wash before you drop it off. If the garments have not been washed or have been washed in fabric softener then this will delay your in hands date and you will incur a washing charge, as we will need to wash and dry the garments before printing them.

Just keep in mind that with any kind of printing, things can go wrong so we recommend providing spare garments if possible. Unfortunately, items cannot be replaced if anything goes wrong in the printing process.

This is the risk you take when supplying us with your blank products!

We always stock particular brands but cannot replace a PYO garment, so it may sometimes cost more to PYO because absolute care and extra time is needed as we do not have any replacements.

Contact us to discuss supplying your own garments and if you can, have the product code ready to give us so we can check our internal stock levels.